Saving settings preferences in npr

Now that Nuendo is a “dual power” software, musical and audio, it needs a bit of adjustment so that users can switch constantly (and easily) between musical projects and audio projects.

1 Asio “Buffer Size” and “Clock Surce”

2 Project window ruler primary time format.

3 Quantize / Grid type / Snap Type

4 All parameters in “Audio mixdown settings windows”

5 Organize in SubFolders in templates on Steimberg Hub

6 I cancel this item, because I’ve just found the timebase toggle for marker tracks. If you haven’t find it, right click on the track, “Track Controls Settings” window, you just have to activate and move it to “visible control” row.
By the way, if you copy and paste the markers between different time base marker tracks, you will see a very strange result.


ad 1.: I don’t think that Nuendo can overrule the settings of the ASIO driver.

2.-4. should be manageable by clever use of Templates and the recall of previously saved Preferences. Not the same as an instant recall by the NPR, but not much worse.

ad 5.: I don’t understand the request. :slight_smile:

  1. I hope God has a different plan. :smiley:

2-4. When you work with different kinds of projects at the same time period, switching between video projects and music projects, the problem is that when you open a project the setting of these parameters is that of the project you worked previously.

  1. The Steimberg Hub doesn’t allow you to see the subfolders. In each “user location” you see the files contained in the folder and the files contained in the subfolder(s), altogether. :slight_smile: