Saving Start Up Preferences and asio configuration

I’ve bought a copy of cubase 4 with a dongle. I transfered the license and downloaded and installed the updates, however I can’t get the programme to save my start up preferences (asio drivers, start up preferences, etc.). The mediabay/soundframe isn’t picking up things like track presets either, though I can get all my VST’s recognised.
I’ve checked my ‘roaming’ folder where my preferences should be stored but all the folders and sub-folders are empty.
The presets button doesn’t save anything to templates and when I click on ‘apply’ the button stays blue and doesn’t appear to apply/save the settings.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can solve these problems?

Did you use the Vista/ W7 installer available through either the Knowledge Base or the .ftp site?

No I didn’t.
I haven’t seen anything mentioning to that, so I’ll check out Knowledge Base.
Thank you. :smiley:

Thank you mashedmitten:

I’ve read the knowledge base information.
I’m still a bit confused. The disk I have is 4.0.1 and the info says I shouldn’t need to use the installer.
I also saw an article in the knowledge base: ([keyword_search]=vista) regarding installing older versions of cubase with the vista installer after copying the DVD files to hard drive; but that seemed limited to Cubase 4.0.0 or older.
(would you still recommend using the vista installer?)

I had a copy of LE4 which I installed and removed from the PC a couple of years ago and there is still a LE4 folder in the ‘users/appdata/roaming/steinberg/…’ directory that has entries in it. The copy of LE I had is also still registered as a soft-e-licence. I don’t know whether registry entries would interfere with Cubase 4 sending data to the correct preferences/save folders.

I’m currently thinging of uninstalling all steinberg programmes Cubase 4 & Halion and seeing if there’s any references/folders left on the hard drive and then reinstalling again.

What’s puzzling me most is that when I click on ‘apply’ in the preferences page the button turns light blue when I hover the mouse over it, but then when I click on it it does nothing and stays blue/i.e. unactivated.
I don’t seem to be able to store presets and when I change the asio drivers to my soundcard the in the ‘device set-up’ window it reverts to the default Directx asio when the programme is restarted.
All my Korg and Native Istruments VST plug-ins are recognised as are my VST effects. It’s just the Cubase effects and track and effect presets that are missing - as nothing comes up in the media browser. (so I have to assume it’s looking for the presets in the wrong place).

Cubase is installed on the C:drive and my cubase projects are kept on either an external usb 2.0 drive or on the other internal drive partion.