Saving Studio send / Macro help

Any one with Eupohix MC Pro (with fader or without) got a way to control Nuendo Studio sends?

or as another option, Anyway to save the assignments of Nuendo Studio Sends?

(the problem I am facing is that some time during a session I need to reset the Control room in/out assignments in order to stop digital distortions) as a result I am losing the Studio Sends and I need a very fast way to recreate them.

Did you know you can do the same task to multiple selected channels by holding down a modifier?

To set up studio sends quickly:

  • Select all channels you want to send to
  • Hold alt + shift and activate (this will activate across all selected channels)
  • Right-click on your studio channel in the control room and then choose to use current mix/pan settings

You can also enable/disable across all selected via the studio menu in the control room.

Cool, thanks for the top.

It gave me an idea and I used Logical editor and Macro to create a process.

So far I got a command to select all tracks, and open th mixer at the studio send view.

Anyone can suggest how to create a command that will include:

shift + alt (to select all)
Turn on all Studio send.


You can create the macro from your control surface with out logical editor. The final bit will have to be keyboard and mouse though.

Tell your MC to run… F3, HOME, SHIFT-END, followed by EUCON command for "keycommands, mixer, view studio sends

Studio sends On/Off are not included in the generic midi commands, but SHIFT/ALT click on the buttons will set them all at once.

Thanks for the tip, but doing it my way with logical editor I am saving the select all channels part.

The studio sends on MC pro are on the second page of Send Page on the 8 rotary knobs , complete with pre/post, activation and panning. But it doesn’t switch the Mixer view like the others Pages do (i.e Insert, Dynamics…)