Saving templates and presets

Why is it that when I want to save a preset or template, I cannot see what is already saved as presets or templates.

What I mean is that I don’t see existing presets or templates that I could save over or it’s location. On top I see “Current Presets” but I looks like I have none already saved witch is not the case. Sometime I load a preset and make some changes and juste want to save over it this makes it a real pain if I don’t name it exactly the same, it will make another preset. Very poor design if that is normal. Here’s the window that pops when I want to save a preset.

Ok just found out why and it is very stupid.

By un-hiding the AppData folder, for some reason, Cubase gets lost even tho the presets where saved and cubase knew where to get them when I wanted to load them. For some reason, Cubase could not see them when I wanted to save them but saw them perfectly fine when loading.

Again I feel that this is poor programming and should not be an issue. I should be able to leave the AppData folder un-hidden and access my saved files without any issues. Why is that folder hidden in the first place?

So as a followup, I just realized that now I can see my current presets when saving track presets but I still cannot my current presets when saving new templates. If someone knows how to fix this, it would be very appreciated.