Saving Templates on Mac??

Hi- I just installed C6 and upgraded to 6.02. I cannot save templates.

I read an earlier thread saying to trash preferences. I moved both C5 and C6 preferences to the desktop and restarted. Still can’t save templates in C6 64 bit. What dumb thing am i doing??

I’m on a Mac Pro, 10.67.



Check this thread.

Thanks for your reply-did you see that my concern is for C6? I still have 5.5 installed, and I can save templates fine there, just not on 6 for some reason.

I did read your thread-do you still suggest dumping plist for 6? Any further thoughts?

Hi LJ,
what do you mean with “I can not save templetes”?
I’m on mac too and with cb6 if I save a templete I always have to do a rescan with the mediabay to finde the trackpreset or whatever.
Try to do this.

Maybe this will help.

A couple quick Mac notes for the computer-challenged:
-directory is users/(name)/library/preferences/Cubase 6
-open Defaults.xml using textedit
-do a Find for “template” to quickly locate the line of code, change the 5 to a 6, save, launch Cubase

BTW: I had this problem too.

I’ll give both a try. Thanks guys.