Saving The Active Track Version

Hi, I have been doing some live recordings using the Cubase Pro track versions feature. Each take on a separate version. Is there some easy way to save the current version (active on top) as a separate project? What I am doing is doing a project backup to another folder, then delete the versions I don’t want, delete unused audio and empty the trash. Really, all I want to do is backup the version I am working on to a separate project in a new folder for mixing.

Not sure if anyone has some trick or ever need to do this.


Basically what you are doing is correct. And if it were me I’d just ignore the leftover unused junk in the pool 'cause diskspace is cheap.

But if you insist on being tidy, try this. Use Save As to create a variant of the Project in the same folder as the original. Now delete all the unwanted takes in the Project Window. Or alternatively do a Render in Place and delete the old Track entirely. Or alternatively alternatively drag the take you like onto a new Track and delete the old Track. In any case you want the Project Window only using the takes you want to keep. Meanwhile ignore the Pool.

Now if you use Backup Project to create a new Project in its own folder, only the audio files actually used by the Project will be copied. The key is to cleanup before using Backup not after.

Thanks raino, I think your way is actually easier. Same difference sort of but by using SAVE AS Song-Take and delete all of the other versions and save the project to a new folder it is easier because I am not have to copy all of the takes. Makes better sense. I didn’t want to delete the takes I wasn’t using because you never know. These days I am backing up in Dropbox for peace of mind.