Saving the same keycommands set for different languages?

Hello everyone,

I recently moved to Dorico and for a “smoothier” transition I’ve started to remap the keycommands in my native language. Now I’m a bit more at easy I would like to switch Dorico into english language but it seems that my customizations (except macros :slight_smile: ) are gone.

Is it then possible to import keycommands beetween languages ?

Thanks by advance !

You can copy the keycommands_whatever language.json and rename it to keycommands_otherlanguage.json, but you might have some problems, as some keys are mapped differently (obviously) and some combinations do not work in certain languages (I don’t know why)
Nevretheless, this could give a good starting point. Especially if you’re familiar with working directly on the json file.

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This helps a lot. Thank you Marc ! :smiley: