Saving to an External Drive

I was wondering if it’s possible to save your recordings to an external drive at the same time as when you save to your internal drive. I’d like to save to 2 drives simultaneously. Is this possible and is this a good idea?

Any help is always appreciated!

Thanks in advance once again!



Sorry, you cannot save one project to two locations at the same time.

You can do regular backup of your projects folder (for example daily). Use any dedicated application.

That’s what I thought. Thanks! I am doing regular backups.

Need to backup quick as PCs broken,can i copy and paste entire project folders (all audio, edits, cpr), the cubase backup and all plugins to external drives.

Will cubase find all the audio files this way, like it does with the cubase make project back up?

Many thanks again!!!


If the folder structure will be exactly the same on the new computer, then Cubase will find it automatically. If not, you would need to help Cubase to search for the files.