Saving track preset for multiple tracks

I am having trouble saving my drums as a preset to load into later projects. My setup is with Battery loaded into the instrument panel, 1 midi track sending notes to Battery and 8 output tracks from battery for each drum. I want to save all of this including the effects on the drum outputs. I have tried selecting all the tracks and saving as a preset but it does not work, any ideas how I can do this? If it is not possible is there any other way I can take a setup like this from one project and put it in another?

It’s been on the user wish list for years. It was hinted that it would be in C6, it was actually stated it would be in C7 … Still waiting. Besides fixing the damned mixer, multi-out and multi-track track presets may be the #1 feature I really really really want.

I feared that may be case, thanks for confirming it. All I can do then is save each track’s effects and EQ in separate presets.

Well I found a workable method albeit still quite hassly, I exported all the tracks as a track archive then saved all mixer settings for the tracks. Now to reuse I have to add Battery, enable the outputs, load the track archive, select them all and load the mixer settings. Bit of a pain but at least I get all the settings this way.

Yes, that works. You can also just make a template with tons of combinations and save your channel presets, then just delete what you don’t use. That’s the method I have been using. It still takes a LONG time to set up complex orchestration.