Saving Track Preset, with Audio Event included

Is there any way to make this possible?

Seems like a huge oversight if not.

.midiloops are the answer to doing this with Instrument / Midi tracks. But if I process an audio sample and want to save that preset in my Media bay I can’t seem to do that?


AFAIK, it’s not possible with a Track Preset, as it includes only gain/phase, insert/EQ and vol/pan settings, no media as such.

But you can quickly create an audio track by dragging an audio file from the MediaBay window to the arrange tracks list, once the audio has been processed as wanted. All is about to create a library at a given place which can be scanned by MediaBay

A much more flexible and powerful way to import pre-configured tracks in Cubase 12 is to import from:

  • another project (or template)
  • track archives

Track archives don’t appear in the Media Bay for some strange reason, and so they have to be accessed separate to literally everything else.

Would be much more convenient to have the track presets with audio events organised into the media bay along with other presets etc.