Saving Track Presets with reverb send levels ala Logic Pro?

In Logic pro, when you save a “channel strip preset” (their equivalent of a track preset) it also includes send effects when saved. So for example if you setup your drum set to go into a nice plate reverb via aux send 1, it is saved with the preset and can be recalled in any song. To do this, when you load the preset in a new project file, in addition to loading the instrument, routings, and insert effects, Logic will automatically create aux/effects tracks for any send effect, and set the send levels saved with the channel strip.

Can Cubase do this as well? If not, any suggestions of a work around? My goal is to save some of my most used Superior drummer presets with their associated reverb/room into easily reloadable presets - i.e. my “large rock drum set” will have a larger reverb, my “small pop set” will have a smaller reverb. I would like to avoid using insert effects, because I set the send levels to the reverb differently for different parts of the kit (i.e. kick reverb is way less than snare reverb usually) and I dont want to have to load individual reverbs for each part of the kit. I also want this reverb saved with the kit as I use different plugins for different sounds (plate vs room vs hall, etc) and dont want to have to manually load them each time.

Thanks in advance for your help and reply.

Hi There, once you have your project defined you should save it as a template so you can recall it as an empty project as many times you like.

Hope this helps you

Have a play with export selected tracks and import track archive.