Saving user's key command

Hi there,

Will installing 3.5.10 erase my user’s key command?

If yes, would someone know how to save them? I found a thread on the subject dating from Dorico 2, but I just can’t find a file neither in my library or in the package content where only the default files are found. I’m on Mac


Hi Québ !
Your keycommands should not disappear, because they are not in the app, but in your user library/Application support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5 folder. They actually get copied from your last version the first time you open your new Dorico version, if I recall correctly. The problem with keycommands disappearing was solved quite early in Dorico’s infancy (third or fourth update, I think).

Allo Marc,
Merci pour la réponse
Ce qui est vraiment étrange est qu’il n’y a aucun fichier dans les dossiers Dorico 2, 3 et 3.5… (dans bibliothèque/application support / Steinberg)!
Je fais la mise à jour et verrai bien!