Saving Workspace does not save master section?


I have two distinct workspaces set up now…one for my voiceover work and another for my vinyl restoration work. Why after I save everythin gexactly the way I want it - does WL decide to not save the workspace correctly (MS is always there with the LAST loaded plugin as well)

Example - I want the MS and a specific gate plugin to be loaded in my “voiceover” workspace - so I set that up correctly - go to the Workspace menu and save it. Good so far.

Then I load my Vinyl Restore workspace and load a file and I can hear the gate from my Voiceover workspace wreaking havoc on my vinyl capture files. Sure enough - I open the Master Section and it’s loading my “voiceover” date - even tho I specifically turned off the Master Section and ensured there were no plugins loaded.

Is the master section so special that it doesn’t get saved in a Workspace? Or is there a bug here? I want to set up a workspace that NEVER shows the MS, NEVER uses it and NEVER loads anything in it…and I want it to do this each and everytime I load this Workspace. Seems like right now - the Master Section is retaining it’s last loaded parameters and doing it’s own thing…



A Master Section configuration is not part of a workspace. A workspace is only about window positions and sizes.
In your case, you have to use 2 Master Section presets.
I note the idea that it could be interesting to associate a Master Section preset to a workspace.

Actually - as I understand your design - a workspace is actually about what windows (the ones I want), where I want them (Position) and what Size I want them. I fail to see how the Master Section - which is in the same class as many of these other windows - gets such special treatment.

For me - without being able to opt out of the MS or if I have to use it - get it to load empty - completely defeats the point of time saving via Workspace. Since now you are telling me - instead of just loading my WS and getting on with the task at hand - I now I have to go an deal with this MS thing (loading/unloading presets and more crap) every time I load this workspace?

Gotta say PG - this is another HUGE oversight in your design. You spend who knows how long getting this WS concept rolling in WL7 and instead of making it work right (so we can set EVERYTHING - once - exactly the way we want it, save and go) - you again sidetrack a user by having them tend to this MS thing.

Saving the master section with a workspace should not be merely interesting - it should be REQUIRED.



I fail to see how the Master Section - which is in the same class as many of these other windows - gets such special treatment.

  • The Master Section is shared between the Audio File and Audio Montage workspace. You might want to change a workspace, without touching at the other. If the Master Section is floating, it is not “attached” to a workspace. Hence restoring a workspace, should not change the Master Section.
    If the Master Section is docked, the docked place will be restored.

  • A plugin used by the Master Section, has nothing to see with the workspace concept. The workspace should not change this. Plugin window positions, are saved with Master Section presets.

  • If you want to restore the position of all windows, including the floating Master Section, then use Global / General Window layout.


Or - I may want to change the WS and change the other. My specific workspace is designed for a specific task and as such - I do not require the Master Section at all. And would like it to be empty at the load of that WS. However - again - you seem to be forcing the issue by making the assumption that a workspace “needs” the master section. In this case - it does not. However - since I cannot get rid of it - I would at least like to have an option to have the MS load empty.

Good to know. However - I do not want the MS taking up any space in my “vinyl” workspace so I have it closed all the time. (which the WS does remember) However - if I have used any other workspace lately (like my voiceover one) - it leaves it’s plugins in the MS so that when I open my “vinyl” workspace and because the MS is not visible - I have to make it visible, unload the plugs and then close it again.

Is there a shortcut key that shows/hides the MS window? CTRL-F9 only shows it…it does not hide it.

Again - that’s seems to be a very one dimensional view of how people work. As I have already noted…I have two simple workspaces. One that requires a single plugin in it (gate) and another that is used for exclusively for audio restoration. This “restoration” WS needs it’s audio to flow thru pure and uninterrupted at all times. No plugs will ever be in the master section in this workspace - so the master section should offer an option to honor that choice. Or at least let me load my “Empty Audio Rack” preset in the Master Section and automatically load that when this WS is loaded.

Having the MS “inline” for every workspace - is a pain - but I understand it’s baked into the app design - but having no options such as: Save Master Section Layout as part of Workspace" completely defeats the point of creating a workspace. In situations such as this one - you are forcing me to babysit the MS each and every time this workspace is loaded.


If you often don’t want the Master Section, have it floating. It won’t take space in the workspace.
Then use Control+F9 to hide/show it when needed.

Well…if it’s onscreen anywhere at all (floating or otherwise) it’s still taking up space :slight_smile: But I will stick it off on my other monitor and give it a try like that.