Saving Workspace in Cubase 11 Pro Does Not Remember Mixer

When I save global workspaces, my project windows are saved, but not my mixer layouts. Do I need to link something?
As an example, for my tracking layout, I set it up with the mixer window showing all 24 of my input channels across the bottom. When I save my “Drums & Bass” layout, I like to see 16 drum channels, next to 8 bass channels. But after saving, recalling does not change the mixer layout as was saved; only the project window is recalled.
I used this function all the time in cubase 6.5. What am I missing?

If I understand this correctly, you can´t save the mixer appearance with workspaces. You have to save the configuration on top left corner in the mixer. for example: you can configure the mixer to only show violins, violas etc. but you don’t do it with workspaces.

Well… thank you for that info. And thanks for the quick response.

And also…
That’s kind of a bummer. I thought the whole idea behind “workspaces” was to save your entire “workspace” with some quick shortcut keys.

Perhaps I can write a macro to cover everything… (?) I’ll have to do some more digging.