Saxophones won't condense

Hi again everyone — sorry, hit another problem here in this large score. I have two saxes in the orchestral woodwinds but i am struggling to get them to condense. Each players holds three different saxes, but the start of the score they are both set to Alto, so they should condense as the flutes and bassoons do. The condensing group shows up in Layout Options, but they won’t condense. I’ve also tried a manual condensing change, which won’t force them to condense either. I feel like it’s something obvious, but I’m stumped. Can someone tell me what is stopping the condensing from happening?
stripped down project file is here:
(wetransfer, file was bigger than 4mb)

Hi @Schweinhorn - see my reply to another user yesterday asking about condensing with instrument changes:

In general, only the first instrument held by a player can be condensed.

Therefore, you either need to accept less condensing and use automatic instrument changes, or split the instruments out to separate players with better condensing but requiring manual instrument change handling.

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Dorico will only condense the first instrument being held - if you change the order of Sax’s - dragging Alto to the top, and then delete the custom condensing group in Layout Options it should work. also it’s helpful to cut down the score and load the silent playback template to make the file more manageable :slight_smile:

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thanks so much for the help. I understand. By manual instrument change handling, you mean separating the instruments to seperate players, then construcitng a part with a layout containing all the individual player-instruments that would actually be played by one player, even though dorico thinks they would be played by different people, and then using hide empty staves etc., add my own labels? Or is there a more streamlined way?

Thanks for the tip — I’ll give it some thought!

Yes that’s exactly what I meant :slight_smile:

great, thanks.

very helpful tip too about silent playback template… it’s true it is getting very slow… thanks