SB, any plans to raise the VST Rack limit above 64?

Hey, I am an amateur at building scoring templates and I have recently run into the 64 racks limitation. It was a surprise to learn of it… Usually doing rock/electronic based productions I’ve never run into this kind of issue. As well, I am finding the issue of not being able to change the order of racks themselves to also be problematic and to fix/append my current template would take a crazy amount of time. I have a hard time understanding how the pros are doing it without engineering/planning everything from the start.
I don’t want to go the VEP route if possible and I won’t be adding a slave as my next computer build should be powerful enough for what I need.

I am so far mostly only using one Kontakt for one instrument, but that one instrument is often comprised of multiple individual instruments/articulation patches. Occasionally I have 8 instruments within a single Kontakt when they are by the same manufacturer.
So, my options seem limited. I guess I could try using Instrument tracks but I’m not sure…

It doesn’t sound like great advice to use every Kontakt in 16 channel out mode with different patches on each channel… That really sounds like it would quickly evolve into a worse mess of routing and considering Cubase is finicky enough already with large projects… I like the option to be able to reset any Kontakt if problems occur and not have to re-setup 16 instruments and corresponding midi tracks.

Any advise someone can give? It sounds like my options are 1) use a combination of racks/instruments 2) bite the bullet and use VEP (for single machine)



  1. Start to use multi-timbral Kontakt (i.e. 16 MIDI Channels). Every single Kontakt instance eats lots of CPU power. Once you start to use multitimbral, you significantly save CPU power.

  2. Use Instrument Tracks instead of Rack Instruments.

I just use instrument tracks, ever since Steinberg introduced instrument tracks to cubase. never use VSTi rack, no need for them since instrument tracks