SB Mods...what Mac where the videos captured on?


I’m trying to get some sense of the performance improvements in terms of GUI lag on C9.5.

On C9 it was pretty terrible on my iMac 5k 4ghz with 32gb.

However, in the videos C9.5 appears quite snappy - it’s ofcourse hard to tell exactly, and I don’t know if the videos were sped up at all.

Can you give as a breakdown of what spec mac was used, what video card it has, and which audio card was used?
Also, what was the average track count, memory and cpu use on those sessions?

I can add that there absolutely have been efforts made to make it run more smoothly on macOS, one such thing being optimized waveform drawing.

I would really like to know to what extent though, which is why knowing the machine they used to demo it on is important.

Full disclosure: I’ve been running Nuendo 7 on my iMac 5k (top model, 4ghz with 32 gb and MX295 graphics card) for the past 2 years; however, it struggled with larger sessions, to such point that a few months ago I had to go back to the PC in order to run the large sessions I’m doing for a feature film.

N8.1 and C9 only made matters worse; on the Mac they were pretty much unusable due to terrible GUI lag.
The PC is slightly better, but I still have to run N7 in order to get the editing speed I need.
I couldn’t use 8.1 or 9 on the PC yet either, though C9 was close enough.

The demos of C9.5 (onn the MAC) look great and really snappy, but that means nothing if we a) don’t know whether the videos have been slightly sped up or b) what spec machine it is being run on and how big/heavy the sessions are.

The only way to really know is to wait for the demo. There’re just so many variables that would affect it.

Well, to a degree. Macs have a lot less variables as the level of hardware customisation is deliberately kept to a minimum.

I appreciate that a demo will be the best way to test it, though I am curious what they used for demo purposes.

jorisdeman, I would be seriously puzzled if they have fixed the problem with sluggish GUIs and do not release a Nuendo update to include this asap.

It would happen when it catches up to Cubase.