SB must be getting sick of all the complaints now

Well they must surly be sick to death of use end users now. I have sent a few emails stating the facts of my problems but all I got back was it was my problem not there software!! The last email I sent them I have not had a report back since I listed my findings. I have done loads of tests and it boils down to there software. Cubase 6.5 projects don’t load in right! Nuendo 4 projects crash 7.02. I even took a different route I loaded 7.02 on my perfect running high end laptop. No plugins at all just the Cubase 7 software. CRASH after CRASH after CRASH and that was when loading as far as the hub. There was NOTHING on my laptop to get in the way. Simple fact is Cubase 7 is not right at all. After my laptop had crashed to a blue screen on loading up 7 to the hub a total of 20 times I was about to call it a night then just out of the blue it loaded and worked??? I am totally lost on WHY this would happen when I have changed NOTHING. If I had bought a radio from a shop and it was giving me problems it would be classed as not fit for purpose well at this moment in time with the amount of issues on this forum I would say 7 is not fit for purpose. I have been a user of Cubase since the very first one on the Atari so I have been with SB right from the start and I have to say I have never had issues like this before. SB next time you do a major update test and test it again I would rather wait another 6 months than have something I can not use. Right rant over SB fingers out I paid for it to be working so I WANT A WORKING VERSION ASAP O and it would be nice if you at least come on the forum and tells use all that you are aware of the issues and you are all working very hard to fix them…

I can’t agree with the crash after crash , I feel sorry for if that’s happening ,there is obviously something not quite right .
I completely agree with you that SB need to acknowledge that people are having these issues with their software and most of them are steinbergs issues and not the users , and before any of the brown nose brigade come creeping in these problems are real and need sorting asap and we don’t give a flying fish cake weather other DAW companies don’t interact with their customers this is Steinberg ,so please give us some fucking answers !

well I must be lucky because 7 has never crashed with me and I have been using it pretty constantly since it came out. Still the number of people with problems does suggest something is not right in Cubase.

Maybe we should all get together, and list specific hardware that we are using. Maybe it has something to do with particular graphics cards or motherboards or something. Hell, I don’t know.

Besides little glitches here and there, C7 (for me) has been completely stable as far as load/close times, loading of C6 projects, and never had a single crash, and I have used it pretty much daily since it was first released.

There has to be some kind of common denominator, that causes so many ‘real’ problems on some systems.

Steinberg would do well to follow all reports of crashes and other problems, and ask for additional information. Best would be if C7 simply generated automatic crash report, which could be mailed to Stainberg tech support, or even automatically sent after each crash…
Even more pro would be if C7 included internal banchmark system, which would load and stress all functions of C7, measure performance in relation to CPU and graphics etc, and generate report and automatically send it to Steinberg. Such benchmark could autorun after each first installation of Cubase, and maybe later every here and there. This would provide plenty info to Steinberg about how to improve.
There must be things that can be done to make C7 generally stable and in top performance. Automatic reports would reveal weak areas, because they are easier to analyse due to standard format. Surely there are some patterns, maybe C7 just doesn’t work well with some graphic cards, or some hardware/cpu combinations, something trivial like that. Then they could improve C7 to be more stable on wider array of machines.

Aloha guys

One option might be for Steiny to release the trial/demo version first.

That way we could all get to try it and if it
does not work for each user, all that is lost is a lil time.

But since mucho $$$$$$ are on the line, I doubt they will adopt
that approach.

Never say never.

Hi all,
We are not sick of anything, but doing our best to solve issues. Due to thousands of different computer hardware / software configurations and setups it is often not easy to even reproduce an issue here at Steinberg HQ. Just to give you an example: we have one customer who constantly experiences audio clicks - regardless of the performance situation. We simply can not reproduce the issue.

On the other hand we have enough issues we can easily reproduce and so we are concentrating on those. We did so for 7.0.3 which is close to release and solves a lot of issues.

Best regards,

Aloa-heeeee :sunglasses:

Any chance, Helge, you’ll tell us some more?

My 2 biggest issues:

Cubase hanging on exit.

  1. having to totally restart Cubase if I plug in a USB MIDI device

by the way, to does for being active in the forums. It’s always great to see the developer interacting with us.

Thanks for the update Helge and thanks for the hard work.
Looking foreward to the update.

thank you helge that’s all we wanted to know , thank you for your communication and look forward to this release as ive seen in another post that the issues with the meters has been sorted , happy days !!!

Helge,give us some date … i cant wait :slight_smile: i dream 7.03 :slight_smile: some more information…

Hi all,
it’s coming already next week and I will do a detailed announcement most probably tomorrow!


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Can’t wait for tommorow …


Love you guys :slight_smile:I am very very satisfied customer …

Nice! :smiley:

Hello Helge,

I’d like to say thanks to you and Steinberg for doing a great job.
Please keep the upgrades coming.


Win7 64, Cubase 7.0.2, GA3, MR816csx, CC121
MacBook Pro Mountain Lion, Cubase 7.0.2

This is good news. I’m hoping, praying the CPU spiking and stuttering in Cubase x64 some of us are experiencing will be addressed. I’ve tried everything… every bios tweak, windows tweak and Cubase adjustment there is, but nothing works. Yet only in Cubase x64, not x86.

I was starting to suspect my EMU 1820m sound card and was even considering a replacement but decided to try Live 9 x64 demo. Guess what? No spiking. No stuttering. It’s not my sound card, nor is it my PC. This problem only occurs in Cubase 7.02 x64, and I’m not the only one.

Fingers crossed :exclamation:

Thank you sooooooooo much Helga this is all we ask for some response to the issues and that you know they are there and you are working on them.

And as for looking at a common denominator both my studio PC and my laptop are so different to each other but both have given me the blue screen. The blue screen on my studio pc only happens when I have moved a song from 6.5 that uses my uad1 plugins but when I load up 7.02 and do a brand new track the plugins work without giving me the huge crash. There has to be a programing problem somewhere. Both my PCs are using Intel CPUs My studio one has a Quad core 2.8 with 6 gig ram using the best Asus motherboard, I have a 750watt corsair PSU(always used Asus and corsair never ever had problems) My audio card is a Pulsar2 with the very latest 64bit drivers again this runs fantastic with 6.5. My Laptop is using a core intel 2.3 with 4 gig ram and am using Native guitar rig floor board as the audio driver. Both of those systems crash to a blue screen. I am using other software on these machines without problems like Reason 6 on both systems it runs perfect my guitar rig 5 as stand alone it runs perfect on both systems. I know SB have a lot of gear out there that they have to make their software compatible with but Cubase 6.5 has worked without problems on both systems? so way all the issues with 7, 7.01 and 7.02? I just don’t understand has 7 be totally rewritten from the ground up?
Well here is looking forward to the 7.03 update and lets hope it fixs my issues

I have had zero problems with Cubase since i started using it from 6.0. Of course ive seen a few bugs here and there, but im still very happy that i changed DAW. My specs. are below, if it can help somehow - Srry to hear some of u are having problems.