SB Newsletter: Is it real and have you ever received one?

Hey folks…

In MySteinberg Account it says this… “You are subscribed to our newsletter.”

This setting has been like this for years but I have NEVER received a newsletter from Steinberg.

Hence my question in the topic.

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Did you check your spam filter, please?

Good thought but that’s not it. I only get a few daily emails labeled “spam” that automatically go to my spam folder. None are auto deleted. I take a quick look at every one before I trash them. So I definitely would noticed if they were being sent to my spam folder.

How often does Steinberg send a newsletter?

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I receive these fairly regularly.

The most recent ones were on:-

28th Oct 2016 - Steinberg News
3rd Nov 2016 - Out now: Future Electronica for Groove Agent 4
10th Nov 2016 - Music Educational Newsletter

More often than I thought now I’ve looked…14 since the beginning of September last year so almost one a week.
As well as new releases this is how I receive notification of special offers.

Thanks for the replies. Looks like they are issued frequently enough that I should have noticed.

I’ll try contacting Steinberg through the “support” system to see what is going on with my account.

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