SB Team - Key update to 7.02 from 7.01 question???

I’ve read through all the “update” threads and before I commit to 7.02 I would like to know what the Steinberg personnel recommend if I have already installed 7.01 (“pre-release version is not officially supported”) and my system is functioning correctly.

  1. Go back to 7.0 before installing 7.02 and if so what is the correct way to accomplish this?
  2. Go ahead and update installed 7.01 to 7.02.

I am sure there are others wondering the same thing so rather than bury the question deep in the primary update thread I’ve started a new thread.

Thank you in advance Steinberg personnel.
Patiently awaiting your reply.

I’m Yamaha personnel – local technical support of Steinberg products.

There is no reason, why you should go back to 7.0. Just go ahead, and instal the 7.0.2 update.

there you go , yamaha taking over steinbergs cubase product … so when’s the full handover then martin ?

and surely your name should be highlighted like every other employee ?

i wondered the same question as the graphic issues with the mixer have got worse since installing 7.2 on top of 7.1 and was thinking of going back to 7.0 and installing 7.2 to see if it made any difference

Thanks Martin

I have moved to 7.0.2 coming from 7.0.1 without issues. But every system is unique, so results may vary.