SB VST Connect Pro Question

I’m thinking of adding this program to my Nuendo Rigg. I was wondering if any of you who have used it have any links posted that would allow interested parties to hear the results. Also would you offer your experience with it? Was it easy to work with in REAL TIME? That’s my biggest concern. Could I actually do a pro session with another studio across the country? What kind of latency issues are we talking here?

Any FIRST HAND USER advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’d like to know too as I haven’t used VST connect yet. What is your intended usage, Keyplayer?

I routinely dial in producers from the west coast (i’m in Philly area) using a computer dedicated for VOIP since ISDN isn’t available here. The majority of the work is VO script reads, pickups and some ADR. The way I have my routing setup, I have the producer coming into a track to I and the talent can hear the producer, and the producer receives the talent and mm feed (when I have my talkback on). I record both. It took a bit little to do the template, but there is no echoing in the producer’s foldback. I have no way to sync/send the video though for ADR. Guessing at latency, the producer’s feed from my joint has 100-200ms delay from audible tests I did in-house when I originally began this method of dialing people into the session.

I’m a little hesitant to change my workflow and have production companies install an app as it could throw something loose. At least that is my fear.

Curious to your intended usage and others’ experience with VST connect too.

I actually want to run a full music session, as if I’m in the control room and the band on the other side of the window is across town. I’m a composer and I’ve got a composer’s studio which is basically a mix room with my grand piano and keyboards. I can do overdubs (vocals, a guitar solo, flute solo, 3 pc. horns, etc.) here comfortably, but not much else. So when I want to turn my MIDI mock-ups into a real rhythm section, I always have to book a room. One of the rooms I use most is also interested in trying remote sessons. So, I was hoping this might make that possible.

I can then book the session, the player’s go to his room, while I stay here and engineer directly to my facility! I would also like to try using it with those over-seas orchestras, rather than having to go to a big commercial facility with ISDN lines. That cost has now become prohibitive because of ridiculous budgets being offered now. If I can do the session directly from my room, I MIGHT be able to pick up some of that kind of work again. That’s the hope, anyway.

I can’t help you much in this regard, other than to suggest you have the thread moved to the VST Connect forum where it should get better attention :wink:

Thanks a lot! Much appreciated.