Scalable UI: Maximum Scale


I guess this is a common problem, so I decided to ask in this board. Is there an easy way in VSTGUI to determine the maximum resolution for a plug-in’s editor? For example, if the maximum height would be 2000 and the editor’s height is 1200, a zoom factor of 2 should be impossible.



No. I think it’s the responsibility of the host to prevent the resize of its window to a size bigger than the screen.
But I have never actually checked this myself, if this is the case.


Thank you Arne. Our experiences with this are that all DAWs behave differently. The worst-case for us happens in Pro Tools, where the upper part of the UI gets cut-off, so you would lose the option to change back the zoom factor and you get lost forever.

As last resort, you can add a context menu where the user can also change the scaling.