Scale and Chord Track

Hi, Can Cubase look at the chords and melodies I have used in a song and add them to the chord track automatically? I know its supposed to work the other way around. The same applies for Scale/Key. Could I for example select three or four tracks and have Cubase analyse them for the correct scale/key?

Many thanks


Drag and drop the MIDI Part over to the Chord Track, please.

Hi Martin, would I choose only one midi part? In the particular track I am thinking of I dont have say a track with many chords in it. I have several tracks with partial chords and single melodies.
I will try both ways, single track and multiple.

many thanks for your very quick reply.


I mean single MIDI Part. If you would like to let Cubase detect the Chords from multiple of them, you can add a MIDI Track, put all the wanted MIDI Parts there, merge them and then drag and drop this temporary MIDI Part over to the Chord Track.