Scale around absolute center with a Midi logical Editor


Is it possible and if yes, how to scale around absolute center with a Midi logical Editor ?


Thank you, have a great day :slight_smile:


What is your use case? What would you like to achieve?

Here’s one of many of my uses cases

I often adjust CC11 (or any cc lanes) by

  1. selecting the existing CC11 lane,

  2. scaling it around absolute,

  3. finding the sweet spot by moving vertically the take lane while playback the project.

In short being able to scale around absolute center with a keycommand would improve my workflow


Another one, how to scale around absolute center “vertically-aligned” notes (for lack of better word :sweat_smile:) ? I just can’t manage to do it with the mouse…

thanks for your time !


Sorry, I’m still not sure…

The qst use case looks like you just remove the whole CC11 automation. So you could just delete all the nodes, keep just the 1st one and set it to the wanted value. I don’t see a reason to use the tool before.

And the second use case, it looks like you want to use the iterative quantize.

  • Having all the nodes is a neat technique to find the sweet spot for cc11 while playing back the project and it cannot be done the same way with only one node at the begginning.

  • What is the iterative quantize please? I can’t find this term in the live operation manual.



Sorry, it’s called Soft Quantize Mode, nowadays.

Since we already know the center value is 64, it seems like you could calculate the new value from the initial value. Sorry not at DAW to to explore further.

Off the top of my head you’d want to find the difference between the initial value of the point and 64, then multiply that by your scaling amount.

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I don’t know if I made myself clearn I don’t want to quantize the notes i want to scale around absolute the notes but when there are quantized like in the picture below it’s not possible to do that with the mouse.


I will explore that, thanks !