Scale Assistant Error


I just bought Cubase Pro 12 yesterday. While testing this DAW, I noticed a problem with Scale Assistant.

For example:
Without Scale Assistant, the corresponding white notes I played would be:
C - D - E - F - G - (A) - B - C
With Scale Assistant on in C Arabian, the white notes that I assume Scale Assistant will alter would be:
C - D - E - F - F# - (G#) - A# - C
However, while playing on all white notes, Scale Assistant gives me the following:
C - D - E - F - F# - (A#) - A# - C

I assume while playing the A key on my keyboard, Scale Assistant will change it to G#. Instead, it gave me an A# twice on both the A and B keys.

C Arabian is just one example. Many different scales can cause the same problem for me, like C Aeolian (natural minor), C Chinese, C Hungarian 2,… just to name a few. The only difference is they will choose to repeat the same note twice on two different keys based on the scale, not just the A key as in C Arabian.

Could somebody please let me know how to fix this? Or should I wait for an update for this to be fixed? I’ve been using Ableton for a while, and their Scale Mode didn’t cause this problem for me.

Thanks in advance.

That is what it does. I don’t know why. Also the names of the scales (outside of the Greek modes seem arbitrary, but that’s another story.

I’m curious as to how Ableton Live deals with this.

There are a lot of features that I like about Cubase, that’s why I decided to switch from Ableton. But if they have an 8:46 second video just to introduce their Personal Scale Assistant and “no more excuses for wrong notes,” then I expect that feature to work perfectly.