Scale Assistant - Snap Live Input not working.

as is described in the subject.
enabling it makes no difference when i play keys on my keyboard. The keyboard should only be playing notes in the key.

Hej bichon
It’s working fine here -
Remember you have enable the “Record in Editor” button in the Editor (in the top left corner of the Editor)

  • Bo

hi !
i have a button on my top left… it is ‘insert midi retrospective recording in Editor’. Nothing happens when i click it… looking it up… this may have something to do with capturing note and conversion to midi while in stop mode… etc…
i don’t understand it but i don’t think that’s what we are looking to do !

No, “Record in Editor” button, as stated above.


I looked at the tool gear and tried to find that button. Couldn’t see anything that would (to me anyway) show that button.
so i did a SHOW ALL… and

thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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