Scale/Key detection from audio track

Hi guys is there a way to detect scale or Key from an audio track inside cubase 9.0.30?


Sorry, no.

Maybe you could open it in Melodyne and then export and import it as MIDI? Just trying to be creative. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s monophonic signal you can convert to MIDI by using VariAudio.

VeriAudio does not tell you the Key, but it can tell you the pitch of the note in most single voice, melodic tracks. Polyphonic tracks can successfully modulated up and down to a degree and Cubase will tell you the pitch it is using for the track, even if you are actually moving chords up and down by half-steps.

Cubase allows for the pitch and duration of the notes a single-voice phrase to be edited in many ways, and, the notes can be converted to midi. All of this has varying degrees of success and it will take time to experiment with and learn to use the VariAudio, Time Stretch, and Part editing of audio tracks.

I know this is not “inside Cubase” but I’ve had tremendous success using Melodyne. It will tell you key, scale and tempo, all very accurately.

Expensive…yes. Worth it…in my eyes yes.