scale ( move) vertically two automation points

Hi Cubase 9.5 lovers :slight_smile:

Is there any way to move automation points ( vertically - up or down ) without making another two points? Like it was before. Any shortcut or key ( tried all SHIFT, ALT, CTRL… ) Sometimes I just want to simply move two or more automation points up/down . No additional point required


Stumbled over this too. The trick is now to select several points and drag up/down on one of them.

The range tool is more useful these days.

If you press 2 to select the range tool. Select the audio you’re wanting to alter the volume (or whatever) on… then press down with the cursor to get to the automation track you’ve got a snapped (or not) area you can now move up or down.


(Its actually pretty slick, now I’ve got used to the new behaviour(s) :slight_smile: )

Thanks a lot !!! - Range Tool working fine, but… WHY STEINBERG, WHY??? IT NOT HELPS and it’s not funny to learn on and on. OK - do it both ways . The new one and the old one with +SHIFT, ALT or whatever…

It took a while, but YES - it’s working :slight_smile: THANKS