Scale (notehead size) in score and parts

Greetings! Does anyone know why if I’m changing the “scale” (i.e. the relative size) on notes in a score (using the Scale property in the Common group of Properties), those changes would not carry over to the parts? Is there a way to do this automatically?

In this particular case, I’m writing some extra instrumental parts for a common church hymn, and I’m inserting a couple cues and some optional notes. However, I’m not using the new (and wonderful) cue functionality in Dorico 1.2 because I have no need to write out the already-published choral parts, and therefore there are no other parts from which to source the cues. I’m also using small noteheads in places for optional notes (not contained in the published choral parts).

Here are some screenshots showing more detail.

The scale property, set to cue size while editing the notes in the score:
Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 3.00.59 PM.png
An example from the score:

How the same passage appears in one of the corresponding parts:

Any suggestions on a better way to do this? Thanks!


At the moment you have to repeat all changes in the properties in all layouts.

As of now, most (if not all) Properties are layout-independent. However, the team has stated that they will look into refining the this behavior, as this makes a whole lot of sense for some properties but not much for others, as you’ve noticed.

Yes, my suggestion is that anything that needs to be altered with the Properties panel should be altered in the layout on which you want the alteration, at least for now. May be extra work, but it’s safer this way.

Agree with @daveisacomposer that having done it once in the score, having to reapply the cue-sized property for optional notes in the individual parts could be a bit of a bore. Fortunately as a beginner on trial day 1 it’s only a few notes at this stage. Maybe there’s a better way of doing optional notes?

Thanks, everyone. I’ll look forward to the refined options in the future. :slight_smile: