Scale of dynamics by velocity

I’ve compiled a table of terms for immediate dynamics and velocity. The data were obtained by empirical method, with the default dynamics settings. The calculation was based on the weighted average at 16 bars of size 4/4 using loopMIDI and MIDI-OX. Maybe someone will come in handy.
However, it looks a bit strange: for example, poco piu ff is absolutely equal to fff in range and velocity value.
If I want the instrument to play with an average velocity of 108 after the passage with dynamics f, I will not be able to do it, because after f it is impossible to set, for example, poco meno fffff. Of course, you can install it, but it will not play correctly.
It may be useful for someone to know the behavior of the dynamics in Dorico.
Dorico - Dynamics (en).zip (396 KB)