Scale tied note?

hi… i’d like to change the scale of a tied note… i tried:

  • scissoring the tie, scaling, then re-tying… the scale reverts
  • engrave mode… even if only the 2nd note is selected, the 1st note also scales

other ideas?

Cut the tie and use a slur instead.

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Try changing the voice of the 16th-note to up-stem voice 2. To tie the two notes you will have to select both before pressing “T”. It would also be advisable to force the duration of each note before tying. You will also probably need to remove the rests caused by having an extra voice (Edit > Remove Rests). Then you should be able to select the two notes and press “R” to repeat within the bar without Dorico automatically changing the ties around “appropriately according to their new duration, the current time signature, and their position in the bar” (quote from the manual!). I did have to experiment a fair bit before it worked, and it might behave differently in a percussion setup.


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Yes. That’s a more elegant solution than my simplistic approach.