Scaler 2.7 New Multi Voice Output feature and Cubasis

Hi all,

Has anyone tried the new Multi Voice Out feature from Scaler to work with Cubasis? I know it works with Auria Pro but I never use that app. On Cubasis I can get it working with Numa player on one track, setting each part within Numa to a midi channel. But that is limited in use. I wondered if anyone gas gotten it to work on multiple tracks set to different midi channels… I realize Scaler 2.7 just came out so it may need some revisions still for this feature to work in Cubasis. But hoping maybe I’m missing something and someone else has it working.

Same question from me.
Scaler is a great app. I tried to use the Multi Voice in Cubasis 3 but Cubasis does not allow to send Midi from one Track to multiple other tracks.
The only workaround for now is to start multiple instances from Scaler 2 as Midi-Effect on the tracks an use the Scaler 2 live sync function.
Waiting for Steinberg to add more flexibility on Midi routing.

I run some tests today using Scaler 2 in Multiout mode and record/play it on individual tracks in CB3.

Here the steps I did.
1 - Start AUM and create a Midi channel. Load ScalerControl 2 in this channel. Make sure you enabled DAW sync and Multi Out. Load your song or user content.
2- Create multiple Midi-Tracks in CB3. Since scaler 2 will output to many channels I created all 16. (At the end only 9 were used.)
3 - Set routing for each Track to „All Midi Ports in Input“. (Note if you set Midi input to AUM it will not work. No Idea why???) Output of the tracks can be set to No Midi Output.
4 Now select for each Track another Midi Channel. Midi Channel 1 will have all notes played from S2. All other channels will have notes from lowest to highest. Means channel 2 will have the lowest notes. Channel 3 the next higher. Channel 4 the next … and so on.
5 - If you like to record this, select all channels to record and start recording. CB3 and SC2 in AUM will start sync and recording is done.
6 - You can also assign now different Instruments to the tracks.
7 - If you like to have multiple Instruments playing the same „Notes“ you can now create additional tracks and connect them to the same Midi Channel.

This setup worked for me.
Hope this is of help to others.