Scaler 2 and Cubase Integration

Re: Scaler 2 and Cubase Integration. General comments.

I liked Scaler 1, but didn’t feel I needed it. The new version is – as a Klingon would say – “impressive.” I purchased a license.

I’ve read a good chunk of the Scaler2 OM and watched several longer videos about it. I’ve worked with it in Cubase (Pro 10.0.6) for three or four hours. I think I have a good grasp of it, but I’d like to hear about your experiences with it. Any tips or tricks. Likes, dislikes. Bugs you’ve found.

The product does have its own forum, but I thought I thread about it here for “us” might be good.

One immediate question I do have is this? Is there any way to have Scaler 2 appear as a MIDI Insert? I thought it might work that way, but it seems not to. It works as an Instrument track that feeds other tracks just fine, but having it as a MIDI Insert along with the Stock Inserts seems “natural.” This is not an issue per se, just a general question.

Anyway, thanks for any comments. I’ll post again about it if I find anything particularly good or bad about working with Scaler 2 in Cubase.

Experiments with Scale and Cubase Chord Track (in progress)
General testing 01:

  1. Create Chord Progression in Scaler
  2. Record MIDI generated from Scaler to Track (any method).
  3. Use “Create Chord Symbols” (check all options) on Track Created by Scaler2.

Result: Chords Cubase placed on the Chord Track do not match the Scaler2 progression. Cubase generated some close chords and some interesting chords, but the two did not match exactly and in some cases were very different, unrelated chords. I’m still not sure about this and will check further. Perhaps Chord Track settings (adaptive voicing, style) and settings used in “Create Chord Symbols” had an influence on the chords Cubase identified?

General testing 02:

  1. Create Chord Track in Cubase
  2. Create Instrument Track with Scaler in “Detect” mode.
  3. Play Track.
  4. Scaler2 nearly perfectly identified the chords. There may have been some slight changes in voicing and inversion. Still looking at this, too, but Scaler got the chords right in Detect mode.
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Wish List: Drag Chords from Scaler2 to Cubase Chord Track. :exclamation:

I’ve been mulling over Scaler 2 as well wondering if it’s worth the time to get a non frustrating workflow into CB.

So your thoughts are welcome! Keep them coming.


I’ve had no particular frustrations working with it so far. Cubase has crashed a couple of times when I was using it, but nothing too bad. I think the developers are actively working on patches and updates.

All in all it’s been one of the most interesting and musically useful plugins I’ve worked with. I find it compliments the Chord Pads in Cubase.

I’m still very new to working with it so I don’t have any good tips about it, but would welcome any from others.

It actually has a very low learning curve and it provides a world of different scale and chord types.

How do you get this working?
I got it working in Reaper but don’t know in Cubase 12 pro.
I want Scaler 2 to control the sounds of another vst instrument.

With Reaper,you just stack Scaler ahead of any instrument and it sees the instrument straight away,in Cubase,it does nothing.

It works perfectly in Cubase. You need to switch from "All Midi"on Padshop (for example) channel to Scaler 2. That’s all

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OK,TY Alexander,I am new with this DAW but do love it.


Cubase is great. I switched to Cubase one year ago from Ableton. And before was Logic… Ableton is also a great DAW

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Well that was easy,TY again.

Glad to help :wink: