Scaling Chord Symbols Differently Across Staves

Is it possible to show a (parenthesized) chord symbol at a reduced sized on some staves while keeping it full-size on others?


I have some moments where I in essence want to show the current harmony as 70%-sized “cues” above written-out piano and bass parts (so they know “what’s happening” to allow for some possible embellishment) while leaving it at 100% in a slash-region horn part for a soloist who’s improvising.

You can scale the chord symbols from the lower zone properties panel.

The issue is that when I scale the chord symbol on any one staff, the change is applied to all staves, even when I have properties set locally. (Again, what I’m after is 70% scaling on the piano and bass staves, but 100% on horn staves.)

Ah, I see that now. I did not read your post carefully enough.

No, I don’t think there’s any way to achieve this at the moment, short of creating text items that look like chord symbols, which will only be practical if the chord symbols are simple and can easily be reproduced as text items.

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