scaling dynamic playback possible?

when dealing with VST’s, I frequently come across the situation that due to imperfections in the instrument in question as to how it can be used with notation software, some notes or more commonly ranges of notes will play louder or softer than others when using the same dynamic marking in the score. This may happen only with certain or all articulations. As one simple example, I’m using PLAY Symphonic Choirs in the male and female combinations rather than SATB, otherwise the ranges are insufficient. This means common note ranges are much louder and particularly the top requires a considerable boost. What’s needed is to select certain ranges of notes and adjust the dynamics accordingly. OK, with velocity, the selection is not a problem in PLAY mode and you can set a fixed level but much better would be to scale the dynamic as you can in Sibelius or Cubase for instance. But although Dorico can filter different kinds of information for selection in WRITE mode, I don’t see any way to manipulate this sort of data. Is there something I may have missed here?

thanks, David

PS a thought did occur to me that you could of course set up expression maps to set dynamics for different ranges but you’d presumably have to set the trigger manually which defeats the whole purpose. Again, what I’m looking for would be particularly useful for imported scores as otherwise you can can just adjust while composing but even then, it wastes time.

You cannot currently scale the dynamics for particular instruments or indeed for a particular expression map, but this is something we certainly plan to add in future.

glad to hear it – it’s not critical with so much else on your plate but I imagine plenty of us have used these sort of features in a past life or still do!