Scaling Tempo or Note Values Globally? Is it possible?


I imported an XLM file, but now i want to re-scale the tempos and the note values. Can I turn all half notes into quarter notes, quarters into eights, etc? in my score? I work mostly in Digital Performer and this is really easy to do. Is there an equivalent in Dorico? In DP it’s called Scale Time or Scale Tempo.


Devin Thomas
SouthWest Sound

Hello Devin, I don’t know if that is what youre looking for: Go to Edit->Preferences->Key Commands, search for “halve” and “double” and set your keyboard shortcut for it. Then you select all your notes, turn Insert Mode on (key command ) and then apply your set keyboard shortcut. If you want to subtract a certain note value from the notes (e.g. every note a eighth shorter), you can also select, turn Insert Mode on and press ++. That substracts the current grid value (you can change it in the bottom left corner)

Thanks for the help, but unfortunately your solution doesn’t work. The notes change, but the rests don’t seem to accommodate correctly. What I’m looking for is a way to re-scale the note values and the tempo at the same time so that the music stays the same as far as playback sound. The only thing that I want to change is the notation. I guess this feature is missing in Dorico. Thanks anyway!

Actually, it sort of works, but I have some triplets that Dorico doesn’t know how to deal with. I wish there were a few more MIDI time scaling features that are very commonplace in a DAW. I realize that Dorico is not a DAW, but it would be very helpful to have some improvements in the PLAY section in regard to quantizing MIDI tracks, etc.

If I wanted to do this to a long enough program, I’d export the file from Dorico in MIDI format, throw it into DP, do the duration change there using the tools you are familiar with, and then send it back into Dorico via MIDI (or XML) and clean up from there.