Scan for VST

I’ve got Dorico today and I’ve got it because of the crossgrade discount you’ve offered. I also own Sibelius, Finale and Notion and am familiar with them, especially Notion - which is my current bread and butter composing software.
I can’t locate my VST library DLLs in Dorico. How do I point Dorico to the directories which contain my library registers so I can load Kontakt, etc? Also I can’t locate my midi keyboard so how do I point to that for use in Dorico. I am using the USB midi driver for my Akai MPK88 rather than the midi input input on my UR22. The other notation programs allow me to find it ok. I’ll stay with Dorico to become familiar with it but am a little nervous that I’ve spent a significant amount of $$$ on something I won’t be able to use to compose midi-based music. I’ve got a ton of 3rd party libraries - particularly Kontakt ones and I’d like to employ them instead of Halion.
System Win 10, multiple hardisks of libraries.

Forgot to mention I’ve had the last 6 releases of Cubase and that can scan for VST and keyboards easily.

Your MIDI keyboard should “just work” – there’s presently no way of specifying which MIDI input devices Dorico should use, as it just listens to all of them. Simply make sure your keyboard is connected before you start Dorico, and that should do it.

The main issue you might have with your VSTs is that Dorico doesn’t load VST2.x plug-ins unless they are explicitly whitelisted. We have a knowledge base article about this, but unfortunately it’s not quite correct, so until I have a chance to get that updated (which I will try to do in the next couple of days), the best answer is found in this thread (look for the posts from our developer Yvan Grabit).

OK thanks for your reply. I restarted the computer in the hope of Dorico recognising the midi input via USB from the MPK88. No luck. I could reroute it via a midi cable through the UR22, but would rather not since everything else recognises the keyboard input as it is. I notice Dorico recognises the presence of VE PRO. I have it installed but don’t normally use it. I might be able to route sounds through that… not terribly familiar with it. Cubase has a good system of scanning for inputs/hardware/ports etc. Can you implement that in Dorico without too much delay?