Scan Project before initially clicking Play

I’m not exactly sure how to define this as the title suggests, but here’s what I have observed time and time again on a Mac. If this observation is common to PC users, then I guess this is a cross platform suggestion. And I’m not sure if it is a bug or not. This may be by design hence posting this in the Suggestions forum.

Every time I launch a Project that has any number of VST instruments running (and these could be VST3 or 2…but all 64 bit) and initially click Play, the program will “hiccup” on the first beat. And as it continues to play, the cursor will eventually run over sections where other VSTi are first introduced to the song. When this happens, the Project will “hiccup” at those sections. I usually stop and drag the cursor to all these spot and let it glitch and play for a bar until all these areas have been played.

Then, when I Play from the start again, the Project will play all the way though without a “hiccup”. And it will continue to do so for the rest of the session.

What I’m getting at is the that the program apparently can handle the amount of VSTi’s I’m throwing at it, but not until it “sees” or knows where the VSTi’s are located along the timeline. And, as explained above, this happens only after one uninterrupted run-through or a stop and play at each section where new VSTi’s are introduced.

So the feature request is for some sort of “Pre-scan for VSTi’s upon Launch” so the Project will simply play as expected, the first time Play is executed.

I’m on a PC. And I’ve had exactly the same issue… usually where I’m pushing the # of VSTis to the limit of my computer.

I am not sure if this is a ‘Cubase’ issue per se. Everyone using video editors will experience similar issues as well.

The problem is obviously some sort of ‘buffering’… when you open thousands of files at once, you’re not loading the ENTIRE file, yer only pre-loading a tiny bit and then the OS is feeding segments of data as you go.

I more often have the reverse deal: I have a CPR open. I go have a cuppa joe and come back and hit ‘play’. The VSTis play immediately but the -audio- tracks take 3-5 seconds to come on-line. Why? The disks have gone to sleep. Cubase doesn’t know that so it takes it a while to revive.

I’m sure Cubase -could- manage this better but again since I run into it in other apps, my guess is that it’s an issue for -all- apps that stream large amounts of data. For example, there are many, many advanced options for pre-loading data in Adobe apps. And there are endless discussions on Adobe fora about this. But apparently they only work well if one has just a crazy expensive rig.

My short suggestion: zip up a CPR that exhibits this and send to SB with yer machine. If it’s the same issue as I see, it is CPR-specific and thus repeatable. One good thing about Macs… they’re more standard than ‘PCs’ so your examples would be taken more seriously than my frankenstein machine.