Scanning Plugins Takes Forever--Sometimes

There is a topic somewhat like this in the Cubase forum, but it belongs here, too.

From time to time, and without any consistent reason I have been able to come up with, Nuendo on my MacBook Pro will, rather than opening up as it usually does, scan through all the plugins and hang up for long minutes on “Loading Content Libraries.” Startup can take more than 10 minutes under these circumstances.

This happens exclusively on my laptop. It does NOT ever happen on my desktop or any of the ancillary computers upon which I’ve installed Nuendo.

I’ve tried trashing preferences. I’ve checked for bad plugins. My laptop has no plugins that any of my other systems don’t have.

I do bring the laptop with me on the road, and am frequently crossing time zones with it; some in the Cubase thread have noticed rescanning happening after the seasonal time change twice per year. I have not been able to specifically associate my problem with anything like this, however.

Anybody dealt with this as well? Had any success in conquering it? What a pain!


So… it is looking as if it MAY be time zone-related… happened when going to Colorado from LA, and happened again when I got back.

Is this not bothering anybody else? I must just be a ramblin’ kind of guy…