Scanning VST3 at start

Hi folks, …
I noticed that the scanning of the VST3 plugs on starting N8 takes quite some time.
Is this normal that it takes about 20+ seconds for this VST3 scanning process?
Can this be shortened in any way?
This is no show stopper by any means, but I wonder why this can take so long.
The number of VST3 plugs on this machine is relatively moderate, but there is Wavelab
and Cubase elements on the PC, as well, which causes some plugs to copy their DLL into
those VST3 folder, too. Can the search be restricted to just Nuendo installed instances?
Any idea welcome…
My best wishes to you for this new year.
Cheers, Big K

I’m noticing the same issue on Cubase 10, my load times are lighting fast on everything else, just the VST3 folder.

Edit: I keep my installed VST’s to a minimum too. No huge wave bundles etc, just what i need.

As I said, the number of VST3 plugs on board my machine is not extensiv, either.
Still, the scanning time is now longer than it used to be and this is despite the fact that it is running on a SSD drive, now.
Does everybody have this longish delay…? Then I rest my case :wink: and hope for a fix, if there is any.
Maybe SB could run a check on this?
Cheers. Big K

I see the same thing. I’m using SSD drives as well.

I’m running on an NVMe drive and these things are insanely fast. Huge delay can’t be right.