Scanning VST3 plugins problem

Hi there,

Every other time I load Cubase, it stalls on “Scanning VST3 plugins” & seems to freeze. Ive left it on for ages with no change. So then have to bring up task manager & end task & start again. Sometimes it does it a few times in a row but will always eventually load.

Is anyone else having this problem & Is there any way to solveit please?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kind regards,

Codsworth :slight_smile:


It seems some plug-in is faulty. First of all, try to update all plug-ins. If it doesn’t help, try to remove all 3rd party plug-ins (rename the folders) and start Cubase. If this works, you can start to add the plug-ins back to the folder, and you will see, which one brings the problem back.

Try following this (paragraph for “Solving VST Plug-in Troubles”)…

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