Scape mix 3

it has been a long time since i’ve been here and posted some music.
Wil try and listen in on the forum again an go for some collaboration hopefully.

scape - a theme and tune with contemplation and soundscapes.Hope you will like it.

cheers Desert. :slight_smile:

An ethereal and evocative pice of music but a tad too long I fear, kept expecting a tune to come in over the top but it just kept on drifting…albeit very beautifuly, just feel it needed to go somewhere…again very acomplished piece, Kevin

Great to hear your stuff again Peter. This sounds to me like a cross between Aaron Copland and Esborn Svensson - Americana meets cool European. Lovely.


very nice chilled out piece , i really liked it until 5.40 when the Hammond sound came in ,i liked what you were playing but it seemed a bit out of context with the rest of the track ,it was a bit too upbeat, i think it should have gone even trippier or abstract at that point,very nice recording .

Nice composition and recording. Your stuff is reliably rewarding to listen to :sunglasses:

Very nice. Again, I really like the work with the bass. Are you still using Trillian? It sounds great.

Digging this. What are you using for drums?

Yep, trilian in full keyswitch mode and for this track i used stylus with the backbeat library. The chaos creator is useful for the breaks and offbeat hits!

thank you for listening

Really nice. Great mood. Listened a couple of times. Does make me wonder why I bother to play the bass.

I really like the track and the sounds, bass sounds great and played very well. I wonder if the percussion comes in a little loud. I actually like the organ part.
Great synth sounds is it omnisphere?

Nice. Very chilled. Agree with the comments about the bass. It’s sounds really good! I think the organ sounds fine as well :slight_smile:


some additional information about the sounds,
i used omnisphere for the sequenced synth l but also the spectrasonicssamples from the distorted reality library on my AKAI 5000 sampler.
Omnisphere has a lot of sounds that have resemblance with this library, i guess is it based on the same samples. but the quality of this AKAI library is extension in more aberrant,stange samples.I recently started using them again.
They made a lot more libraries that come back in omnisphere. Bizarre guitar/vocal planet all high quality stuff.
Makes me wonder what they will come up with in the future. :unamused:
I will remix the tune the coming weeks with the comment in mind.


Like the song, arrangement, instrumentation, mood and always love Hammond organ. It moves right along and takes you places so no, you don’t want it to end too soon. I could roll with this in a lot of places. Thanks for the listen!

second mix, shorter and a search for smooth sounds.

tricky effort with my avalon com/eq as external gear in wave lab.

regards peter

sorry wrong link posted :blush:

this is the one