Scarlett 18i8 not showing external signal.

Hello all, first time post so if I skip something important I apologize now. Here is my issue. I recently bought Cubase 7 Elements and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8. Connected to the 18i8 is a Arturia MiniBrute, Kork MS2000r, and a Novation Ultranova. On initial setup of Cubase I had it showing signal and recording audio from the M/B. I then attempted to save everything as a template which after pushing save disappeared. Second attempt same thing. Now, I cant get CB to show any signal from any external hardware. Everything shows is recognizes the 18i8(my laptop and Cubase) but once I open an audio track…nothing. It comes through my monitors but nothing on the DAW side. All drivers have been removed and reinstalled and are the most current. The only thing I have not done is reinstall CB. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Lenovo S400
Windows 8 64 bit
Intel Core i3
4gb RAM
Cubase 7 Elements
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

On the Scarlett MixControl screen, choose the Routing Preset “DAW monitoring” or similar.

Thanks for the reply Bane but the mix control is def. set to Daw1…still nothing. Now if I set it to analog and whatever input I have the synth plugged into then I hear the signal and it registers but it doesn’t in cubase.

Ok assuming you have an audio track setup, proceed to confirm your internal routing.

1)Driver (Should be Done)
2) VST Connections (F4)
3)Input Bus in track’s Inspector
4)Monitor button enabled

You can learn exactly what to do with these by clicking the first link in my sig.

Focusrite USB driver enabled. 8 inputs with 2 outputs in connections. Cubase shows all active. Correct bus on track. Monitor button selected. No sound or levels.

Hey Bane, update/solution! After trying to just add an audio file to see if it would play(it didn’t) I knew it was not Cubase acting up. I strated messing with the routing on the Scarlett Mixer Comtrol. Boom, sure enough once I cleared all routing and reset to DAW tracking, all was well. I just hope I don’t need to reset everytime. Then again things could be worse so I’m not complaining If I had to. Thanks for the direction and help.

Well just always make sure that in the “routing presets” you either have one of your mixes or DAW 1/2 displayed. If you have a mix showing make sure your DAW fader over on the right has singal coming through, and that it isn’t muted or an input channel is soloed.

This way a reset shouldn’t be necessary.