Schlepping Unlimited Expression Map Articulations

Arguably, that would be “schlepp:stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding schlep - I thought so too, but I actually looked it up since I don’t want anyone to think i’m a schlepper. A schlemiel maybe. But not a schlep. I have schlepped long enough to deserve that much respect.

In the interest of coming clean though, I have to admit that schlep is only a verb, so I used it wrong, or, I introduced a new usage! :stuck_out_tongue: Well, gotta go mop up now, schmell ya later.

If I might continue the OT for just one more post…

Schlep (one “p” :wink: ) is indeed also a noun, but it doesn’t usually refer to a person… a “schlep” is a drudge, a tedious journey/task (e.g. “I wanted to get a new hard disk, but it’s such a schlep from my house to the computer store… have to change buses twice, plus a fifteen minute walk… and I guarantee you it will be raining”)

Oy, What was I thinking? :blush:

Rumours i hear around says that most chances Schlepping will be included in Cubase 9… cant wait :open_mouth:

Edit: OK so its not a joke!! there is such word… :blush: :laughing:

Steve might have overschleppt? Time to wake up and schmell the coffee! :wink:

I have been working with Shlepps for a while now. The lead gutarist in my band for example, been playing for twenty years and does not know what four four means.

Wait- wouldn’t that be a a schlub?

Yes I think e cant spell his name too… its a genre…

but that’s a French word.