Schrödinger's Dorico

Dorico wants what I want but doesn’t want it anymore once I observe it, is there someone from Schrödinger’s family amongst the dev team ? :sweat_smile:

Joke aside, the thing I’m encountering is that I very often switch back and forth between Write mode and the frame editing section of Engrave mode, more than the other sections.
And upon switching back to Engrave mode from Write mode, Dorico highlights and quickly shows me the Frame editing section and just changes its mind in a split second and goes back to Graphics Editing.

Could there be an option in the future in the preferences to set Engrave mode to “Remember” so that it does remember and shows you the last section of Engrave mode we used ?
(or is there already one I haven’t found ?)

Thanks !


Yes, there is already such an option. In the Window section of the General page of Preferences, deactivate When switching to Engrave mode, activate the Graphical Editing tool.


Thanks so much Daniel ! I knew Schrödinger was around haha…

Worth to mention is also that you can set shortcuts to the various sub modes of engrave mode. I have double key shortcuts (or whatever it is called) set for each one:

EG graphical editing
EF frame editing
EN note spacing editing
ES staff spacing editing

So I rarely use ctl+3 at all.


this is a brilliant idea, and easy to remember too.