Scissor Tool not working

For small cuts before the bar line.

I want a midi drum loop to be in time by cutting of the space at the beginning of the bar and moving the notes in line with beat 1 of bar 1 but the scissor tool does not allow me to do this.

I used Cursor instead of Beat to cut where the cursor is but nothing happens.

P.S. How do I move midi notes within an item?

Are you sure your MIDI Part is not locked?

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How do I unlock the midi?
Mine looks like yours above but Midi still muted.

By using the option shown in @mlib screenshot : the ‘-’ option in the Lock section of the Info line.

Using the Info Line, how is the Mute section ? If muted, there is the Mute tool that acts as a toggle to mute/unmute a given MIDI part :


A note is movable inside a MIDI part, not item : terminology matters… :wink:

Beside this, the most easier way to move any note in a given part is to use the Key Editor to edit a selected MIDI one (MIDI > Open Key Editor).

What you describe makes sense, so it is a matter of understanding how you are trying to go about it.

Within a track you have a part or multiple parts. You can use the grid or free-style it my switching off the grid symbol nest to the Grid selection (personally I don’t find selecting the cursor option useful). I don’t think it is a lock problem, perhaps a misunderstanding about where to cut???

If you want to chop off the front of a MIDI part (see my piano track) below you select either the scissor or press the Alt key while the arrow is selected (that makes it quick to switch between pointing and cutting). You cut on the part shown in the track, not in the editor window at the bottom (I’m suspecting this might be the misunderstanding).

So, zoom in as necessary to get a good view of the notes, cut off any free space at the front of the part, then using the pointer tool, move the part to align with the grid at the top of the screen.

If the part is aligned, but you just want to move the notes, select the part in the top area, select the notes (e.g. click in the bottom editor and press Ctrl-A, then move all the notes to the right place - they will keep relative to the place you’ve picked.