Scissors, Glue & Volume Ramps, Too

It seems that whenever I edit a track by copying, cutting or gluing events on that track. The edited events no longer support the click and drag volume ramp function. Anyone else seeing this?


When you glue two or more dissimilar events you create a part. parts are different from events!

But parts can become events, if they try really, really hard!

Or if you convert them…

Thanks for the info. The events I’m editing (gluing) are identical loops. Does anyone know of a workaround that will allow implementation of the volume ramp on this type of edit?


still not clear what you mean with “volume ramps” , but probably " bounce selection" is what you’ re looking for…

Thanks tc,
Yes, my terminology was wrong, should’ve said volume ‘fades’, not ‘ramps’. Looks like bounce selection is what I need.

Thanks again,

Ah, volume- / fade handles. I thought so…