Scissors tool still causing extreme usage of CPU/ASIO

Dear All,

After installing the update 8.5.10, many of the bugs were fixed but im still having some VST PERFORMANCE load and CPU load when i do editing such as dragging waves/ midi and when using the scissors etc. Although i do not have red lights hitting the meter limit its still uncomfortable to work when the CPU’s task manager shows that something is taking up CPU resources when doing a very small edit with the scissors.

Do you have the same issue?


Have you ever experienced high vst performance when dragging midi blocks in piano roll while using kontakt4?

No do not have it, will see if I try this if anything happens.

One tip, I rarely respond to question where the OPer hasn’t got his specs in his signature, when replying the first thing we must do is ask about their used hardware and software components, so by doing this you make it easier for fellow forum members to give answers or new questions.

Thanks for the tip mroekalea

Hi infact the ASIO meter goes on the red light and crackles are heard. On the other hand i managed to replicate the same problem on my old Cubase Studio 5 too on Win 8.1.

Pretty sure this is an Nvidia driver issue…try to update driver and tick the clean install box and unless you really think you need it don’t install anything other than the driver…no Experience or 3D stuff.

There might also be something in the below linked thread that’s helpful. I just found that by google but I get the impression NEW users are incapable of putting a couple of words into a search engine :laughing:

What I do nowadays is to not use the nvidia driver, I use the driver which Microsoft supplies, it’s older but a lot steadier.

On win 7 I had the windows driver instead of the nvidia driver but on win7 cubase didnt respond well in terms of gui. However i cant tell if the same problem occurs with win 8.1 by using its own win driver. As soon as i have upgraded to win 8.1 i have installed the nvidia driver…so i cant tell if the win video driver is better. So do you recommend to uninstall the nvidia driver? Is there a video card that works flawless on cubase?



  1. Uninstall Nvidia drivers and see if the problem persists on the ms drivers.
  2. Install the latest Nvidia driver for your card as outlined in my previous post and see if the problem persists or re-appears.

Post back with the results…If it works without cpu overload on one of those options we know for sure it’s graphics driver related…if not we know we need to look elsewhere.

Cheers and thanks for your great help

I’m thinking of trying this. Did you get the windows graphic driver from an update, or did you just uninstall the Nvidia drivers and let the default take over?

I kept the driver which was installed when re-installing windows (with out keeping files, let’s call it a hard reset install).

I have it running at 128 buffers @ 44.1 24 bit, no dropouts or clicking noise so far when operating scissors and other tools.

OK so i have a problem. Today in the afternoon i will uninstall nvidia driver and will check from there.

My buffers are 256 @48/24bit

Thanks. I will update you accordingly


Still a little more ASIO usage as I would like in 8.5.10 ,but the GUI stuttering is gone.
I never had any audio problems.
I always use the latest nVidia drivers with Geforce Experience enabled, I use ShadowPlay to record Cubase tutorials all the time without any problems.

Hey All

The mouse of my PC is a PS/2 type not USB. Will this make any difference? The following topic made me think a lot on the mouse configuration etc…


So So So…

my updates regarding the ASIO load on Cubase Artist 8.5

  1. The mouse doesn’t make any difference if its USB or PS/2. Secondly when i uninstalled the Nvidia driver the ASIO meter got mad with the MS driver on W8.1. Well, I had to reinstall then the Nvidia driver. Tried to install an older version but there was no difference between the new and old.
  2. Midi notes movements while KONTAKT4 is being used still causes glitching of audio but it is related to the load of instruments in use. Tried with less instruments and the problem was reduced. Changed the sampler and used retrologue to check and the problem was near nothing. So it depends on the amount of samples used at one go. The most important thing is that during playback i dont have any problems.

The mighty FREEZING…
3. The scissors still increases the load of ASIO ( i cant get the logic behind it why this happened but even in earlier cubase version this is also effected) but not to the extent of causing clipping or overload. I managed to keep the ASIO a bit under control by freezing some tracks. The outcome was good enough. I think i wanted CUBASE 8 to do miracles in real time processing while having 4 stereo tracks with guitar emulators like amplitube/ UAD1 EQ’s/ compressors etc plus ezdrummer including inserts on different channel of the drum kit and Kontakt4 loaded with samples. When freezing KONTAKT the asio went down to cira 50% and when doing scissors editing the realtime load increases but does not go on to the overload red light…it just peaks to 58 - 60%
4. I think one has to be a bit realistic. Oh i compared Cubase 7.5 with Cubas 8.5 with same session song and the ASIO load showed a decrease load with cubase 8.5. I believe that Steinberg did a very good job with the latest Version. When you accede the limit of CPU power…FREEZING is the solution.

Thanks for your help dear users.



How are you running your UAD1’s? I am using Jbridge to bridge them into Cubase 8 64 and I set the priority of the Jbridge container to realtime (7). This gives very low realtime asio load when using UAD1. If you are using the build in bit bridge, get Jbridge! For all 32bit plugs…

Hi im using jbridge on all 32bit plugins but no success for the UAD1 plugins. When jbridged the uad1 plugins remain disabled and dont work for any reason that i dont know. However they work well with the cubase bridge. How do you set the priority…can you explain pls?