Scissors +Variaudio causes massive crash

I thought this was a 9.5.4 problem; but I can reproduce it in 9.5.3. If I use Variwarp on an audio track, then try to cut the track - instant quit. No option to save. Anyone else have this issue?


Please the crash dump located in Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps folder, please.

Thanks Martin. It’s not producing a crash dump. The error is from Windows and it just reports serious error. It’s not Variaudio. It does involve the scissors. And playback of audio. Some plug-in? Have a look if you can spare a minute please:

So there is no crash file in the folder at all?

There are crash dumps, but from weeks ago. The crash message is from Windows, not Cubase.

Sorry, I’m not Windows expert.

Can you get any crash report from Windows directly in this case?