Scope indicator - removing

Adding this:
Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 3.48.33 PM
via this menu item:
Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 3.52.28 PM
and then removing same, should be as easy as selecting it and hitting ‘delete’. Instead one must reselect the same menu (it doesn’t change mode which might be helpful) e. g:
Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 3.54.41 PM

You can find the different ways of deleting the Insert mode stop position described here.

Thanks, Lillie. Begs the question, however - why doesn’t ‘delete’ work as well? It would seem an obvious choice.

Delete doesn’t work because you can’t actually select the stop line. It highlights on mouse-over (when it has a certain focus), and it may look like you’re selecting it when you click the little ridges at the top, but all you can do is move it by dragging.

At first I thought the menu command ought to change to say “Un-set” or “Remove” or something. But after playing with it a while, I see why not: When the selection has changed, doing the the command again moves the stop line to the location of the new selection. Only when the start position of the selection (still) matches the line (or there’s no selection) does the command remove the line.

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